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In 2019 Glynis joined the cast of The Outpost (CW Channel in USA, SYFY elsewhere) for season 2 playing Gertrusha.

Glynis as Gertrusha

In 2020 Glynis returned for a guest spot in season 3. It starts airing on the CW channel in the States on 8th October and on the SyFy channel in the UK on 17th November.

Glynis as Gertrusha with crown

In the meantime, for the last year Glynis has been very busy narrating documentaries for Channel 5. She did a series on The Wonderful World of Chocolate (2 seasons and a 3rd coming up), The World’s Most Expensive Cruise, Hotel Chocolat (season 2 coming soon), Oxford Street (season 2 coming soon) and shortly to be aired, The Wonderful World of Cake. She has also done a number of documentaries on The Royal Family.

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Glynis Barber

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