Glynis Barber Portrait

I had a wonderful time filming with James Brolin and Cindy Busby in Romania in 2017 for the Hallmark film: Royal Hearts. It was aired for the first time in February 2018 in the USA and I am still waiting to hear if and when it will be aired in the UK.

Royal Hearts - Dance

Royal Hearts - Cast On-Set

The Best Man Poster

I can currently be found performing at the Playhouse Theatre in London in The Best Man. This razor sharp political thriller by Gore Vidal is a joy to do and as relevant today as it was when written in 1960. Added to which I get to perform with an incredible cast including Martin Shaw and Maureen Lipman.

Glynis Barber and fellow cast members for The Best Man

“Russell’s wife Alice – spurned but unaccountably still loyal – is played magnificently by Glynis Barber”
- Peter Yates, London Theatre

“Glynis Barber brings out the role’s emotional complexity, and her sense of loyalty and affection for the man she once loved and still admires”
- Natasha Tripney, The Stage

“Glynis Barber is a revelation”
- Neil Norman, The Express

Maureen Lipman and Glynis Barber in The Best Man

Here are some of my other projects that are health, diet and beauty related...

Glynis Barber


The In-Sync Diet
  • The In-Sync Diet
    My best-selling diet book written with nutritionist Fleur Borrelli is now a fantastic online programme
Ageless by Glynis Barber

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